Growing up on an old farm in Derbyshire’s verdant Peak District, I was always surrounded by beautiful scenery. My great grandfather was an artist who taught me how to draw from an early age, and much of my childhood was spent drawing and painting, particularly insects and birds.


I was also interested in how things worked. I would take anything apart, even if it didn’t need fixing, to look closely at the mechanisms. The first piece of jewellery I fell in love with was an ornate hinged armour ring, given to me by my grandmother. I immediately adored how it moved so perfectly with my finger, and I was amazed that a piece that looked so heavy could be worn effortlessly.   


The first piece I made was a fairly ambitious cocktail ring, a spherical globe. Its domed lid was split into quarters, each one hinged and opening up to reveal gemstones hidden within. Many of my pieces still conceal a hidden detail waiting to be discovered and enjoyed – my fascination with the unseen continues.

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