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Cicada Neckpiece. 2017. One of one. 

Sterling silver, 22ct yellow gold plate, irregular cut blue sapphires. 


The Curios collection is inspired by Jessica Pass’ love of strange and intriguing historical artefacts; evoking memento mori and entomology cabinets from the Victorian Era, and the bold graphic style and symbolic insects of the Egyptian Revival Period. To further add to the intrigue, Jessica was inspired by secretive opening poison rings and fragrance-filled pomanders to create a collection of intricate hinged creatures that contain the unexpected. When presented with a hinged trinket we feel a compulsion to discover what lies within, see the collection to discover for yourself.


The highlight of the Curios collection is the Cicada Neckpiece, an incredible, intricate life-size gold and black cicada. This contemporary locket - already a stunning piece - opens to reveal a dazzling golden beryl in the clutches of a miniature figure whose limbs serve as the stone setting. The veins along the wings and the markings on the body have been hand engraved and then plated in 22ct yellow gold, providing a striking contrast to the main body which has been plated in black ruthenium. The Cicada is fixed to black ruthenium branches that form a torque-style necklace, reminiscent of the cicada’s natural habitat of ancient deciduous forests.


The Curios collection was produced during Jessica’s final year at the Royal College of Art. It was made as a showcase of her accomplished jewellery knowledge, craft and skill, and so features extremely beautiful, technically complex and challenging pieces. Each piece is one of a kind, never to be made again. 

Cicada Neckpiece

  • Wingspan: 160mm 

    Body: L73mm D20mm W28mm

    Torque: W138mm/128mm - H123mm

    Branch: W2/3mm

    Clasp: W7mm 

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